The end of ice-cold feet age in the bathroom

The end of ice-cold feet age in the bathroom

A bathroom can be a synonymous of warm, comfortable relaxation. But the state of well-being  during a hot bath can be spoiled quickly by the feeling of your feet getting colder and colder due to an icy floor in your bathroom. You can easily avoid this unpleasant experience by installing DEVI electrical floor heating system.

DEVI will make your mornings easier and your baths more soothing. Moreover, thin cables hidden under your floor instead of radiators gives you the possibility to save extra space, especially in smaller bathrooms.


Lower the temperature and stay warm

Electrical floor heating is tailor-made to the simple principles of physics. The hot air rises, which means that heat from the floor is automatically distributed evenly throughout the room. With traditional radiator heating hot air immediately moves up the walls and therefore leaves the floor and your feet in the cold.

DEVI electrical floor heating solutions make it possible to lower the temperature by an average of two degrees and still increase the heating comfort in your bathroom and keeping your feet warm.  


A flexible system providing fast adjustment

A sensitive thermostat ensures that the temperature is constantly fine-tuned so that the bathroom always has exactly the right temperature when you need it, which minimizes heat loss. The floor heating system is installed a few millimeters under the floor covering. This gives a very quick reaction time and means that it can be laid on top of the existing floor.


Comfort without maintenance

There is no wear and tear to the heating cables, which makes them completely maintenance-free. This means that you can enjoy warmth and comfort for many years without having to worry about expensive repair and renovation costs.