Prestigious multifamily housing

Prestigious multifamily housing

As the Czech Republic continues to develop as a major economic force, the demand for high-quality housing is steadily increasing. This has resulted in a large number of renovation projects, of which this was an excellent example.


Environmentally responsible
Against this background, however, the Czech government is very aware of its environmental responsibilities as a full member of the EU. In 2013, they introduced legislation concerning energy labelling for private homes.

This legislation presented both a challenge and an opportunity for this prestige project. The intention was to use electricity as the main heating source, which now had to fulfil the new standards.

In response to the regulations, DEVI was able to deliver a system that both provided superb heating comfort and met the development’s energy-efficiency goals in a new-built prestige multifamily house called Aristoteles in Brno.

Obviously the proposed DEVI system required an initial investment which was subject of debate. But the facts ended up winning the day: the DEVI team was able to prove to the developers not only the outstanding efficiency of the system, but its long-term economic viability. In the end, what on paper seemed to require an investment will actually save the developer and the residents a substantial and lasting amount of money in the near future.

Applications involved
Installation of an electrical heating system in a prestige multifamily housing development in Brno, consisting of approx. 20 units. Electric heating was chosen as a main source of heating.

A range of indoor and outdoor applications was provided using a combination of DEVIflex™ 18T cables, DEVIreg™ Touch, DEVIfast™ and DEVIrail™ products.