Save more with DEVI thermostats

Save more with DEVI thermostats

During the early spring, mornings become warmer and warmer and rarely do you notice sub-zero temperature anymore during the nights. Nevertheless, it is still too cold outside to switch the heating system off. With DEVI thermostats you can easily keep the comfort and lower you bills. 

Efficiency of electrical floor heating depends on several elements, first  on adequate insulation, only when you take care of all insulation on floor and complete air-tight doors and  windows you are you able to eliminate heat losses.  Next is the depth of cables or mats’ installation compared to floor surface. DEVI qualified installers will adjust this height according to the chosen products, the floor surface type and other  related factors. But last and definitely not least the efficiency depends on your accurate thermostat and its ability to learn and fine-tune settings. 


Smart controller for smart savings.

The most recognized thermostat worldwide for electric floor heating which will help you to control the heat and save more is the DEVIreg™ Touch.

The DEVIreg™ Touch provides you with many unique features that allows you to reduce energy waste by up to 12% e.g. 3rd generation intelligent timer with optimum fade-out, an easy to use "quick button", energy usage read-out and an open window detector which will, in some cases, allow you to save even more energy. Not only does the DEVIreg™ Touch setup wizard take care of your heating comfort it also ensures settings which always match the room and floor type to protect wooden floors from drying out among others.


Automatic open window detection

Good insulation is crucial for efficient heating. On the other hand your interior aeration is crucial for your health and well-being, especially when the air outside full of early spring. DEVIreg™ Touch will help you to reduce heat loss because of its automatic open window detector. A quick drop in temperature will be detected immediately and the DEVIreg™ Touch which will turn the heat off for 30 minutes, saving energy and your money immediately when you air a room. If you ventilate your housing every day this can save about 4% energy in your heating season.


Avoid unnecessary heating with DEVIreg™ Touch

DEVIreg™ Touch is equipped with the intelligent fade-out feature built into the timer which helps to save energy at the end of each comfort period. Imagine that you can save approximately 15 minutes of heating per comfort period which sums up to about 3-hour less energy consumption weekly and still delivering the same comfort. Small but relevant innovations that lead to an additional 6% of energy savings per heating season leading to easy savings!