Facts and myths on electrical heating usage

Facts and myths on electrical heating usage

Can you imagine you daily life without electricity? Nowadays almost anything around you, from your mobile, the washing machine up to the city transport is brought to life by electricity. Using electricity as the source of power for your solutions at home nowadays  not only is very efficient but, considering renewable solutions, should also be as environment friendly as possible.  Obviously this also goes for using it as the  source for  your DEVI floor heating system.

There is a lot of myths about floor heating. Some of them concern daily usage. Let’s dispel some common myths about electrical heating.


Myth 1: Floor heating is difficult to regulate

A floor heating system is actually extremely  easy to control. It can be managed in several ways: either using a separate thermostat in each room or through a single device consisting of a centrally located main panel, which is used to control the sensors and thermostats throughout the house. A thermostat like the DEVIreg Touch™ is not only great looking but truly developed for simple and user-friendly usage. DEVIreg Touch™ controls save energy to the maximum by e.g. reacting immediately if an open window is detected. The best is that all the improvements that are made can be installed immediately without having to replace the heating system, an upgrade of the thermostat or replacing the old thermostat with the current intelligent thermostats like the DEVIreg Touch™ will do to get the latest version and save energy.


Myth 2: Floor heating is only for the winter

Floor heating can be used at any time of year, which is particularly important on colder days, even in the summer. This system also provides comfort on hot days when the room temperature is high and the tiles are very cold.


Myth 3: The heat only rises to 1 meter

The temperature distribution throughout the room is almost perfect. The temperature near the floor is slightly higher than at the ceiling which has positive influence on the internal air quality. Our feet therefore feel pleasantly warm, while your head is kept cool.


Myth 4: It increases the amount of dust

The slow air movement does not pick up dust. With the correct installation and optimum temperature setting, there will be no circulation of air, bacteria or allergens, and the humidity level will be kept just right. So when you are allergic to dust this system is the perfect heating solution. 

Myth 5: Floor heating can damage your health

Floor heating has no negative effect on your well-being. Electromagnetic radiation is very low, close to zero and it has no impact on your health.