DEVIreg™ 233

Indoor room thermostats used for mounting on the wall.

The DEVIreg™ 233 consist of simple but efficient 13A indoor floor thermostats with a modern design. The DEVIreg™ 233 can be combinded with a external room sensor.

The DEVIreg™ 233 ensure simple and precise controlling of electrical floor heating in rooms with all kinds of flooring.

DEVIreg™ 233

Technical data

 NameDescription Scale SettingResistive load
IP class

DEVIreg™ 233

Details DEVIreg™ 233 White front, button0 - 6230V~13A/2990IP 41
Details DEVIreg™ 233 White front, button0 - 6230V~13A/2990IP 41


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DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue May18 .pdf (8.3 Mb), Literature number: VKLUE102, Language: English, Release date: 07/02 2017

Data sheet
DEVIreg™ 233
DS - DEVIreg 233_VDIIK302.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VDIIK302, Language: English, Release date: 28/02 2018

DEVIreg 233
DEVIreg233_X005597_VICKE202.pdf (7.0 Mb), Literature number: VICKE202, Language: English, Release date: 28/11 2012