DEVIreg™ 610

DEVIreg™ 610 is used for mounting outside where the thermostat is unprotected against water etc.
The thermostat is placed on a wall or on a pipe, and can control both outdoor and indoor applications in the temperature range -10°C to +50°C.
DEVIreg™ 610 can because of the wide temperature range be used for various purposes. It is classified as IP 44

Typical application areas:
- electrical under floor heating systems
- room temperature
- snow melting
- frost protection
- pipe tracing
- cooling

DEVIreg™ 610

Technical data

 NameDescription Scale SettingResistive load
IP class

DEVIreg™ 610

Details Devireg™ 610  -10 - 5010 A / 2300IP 44


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DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue April_19.pdf (16.8 Mb), Literature number: VKLUE202, Language: English, Release date: 27/05 2019
DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue May18 .pdf (8.3 Mb), Literature number: VKLUE102, Language: English, Release date: 07/02 2017

Data sheet
DEVIreg™ 610
DS - DEVIreg 610_VDIIQ302.pdf (0.2 Mb), Literature number: VDIIQ302, Language: English, Release date: 28/02 2018

DEVIreg 610
DEVIreg610_X005562_VICKK302.pdf (7.1 Mb), Literature number: VICKK302, Language: English, Release date: 02/08 2012