Accessories, Thermostats

Accessories, Thermostats

Technical data

 NameDescriptionType of sensorLength

Accessories, Thermostats

Details DEVIreg Touch FrameFor Devireg™ Touch  
Details Sensor for Devireg™ 8501 Ground sensor  
Details Outdoor sensor 0.75² 2.5m 15 KohmOutdoor sensor 0.75² 2.5m 15 Kohm  
Details Room sensor 426-frameRoom sensor 426-frame  
Details Sensor cable 10M, 15 KOHM, PVC   
Details USB to Serial Link For Devireg™ 850  
Details Devilink CC SilverFront for Devilink™ CC  
Details Devilink RS SilverFront for Devilink™ RS  
Details PSU for Devilink CC For Devilink™   
Details NSU for Devilink CC For Devilink™   
Details MiniSD memory card For Devilink™   
Details USB2 miniSD card Reader/W For Devilink™   
Details Wall box ELKO S45/6 For Devireg™ 550  
Details Wall box, ELKOFor Devireg™  
Details Connector 16/20/25 L 601E 12 238 52   
Details MulitboxFor Devireg™  
Details Box for mounting outside the wallFor Devireg™ 550  
Details SWITCH S16/2 VP LIGHT PW 5186 2 POL ELKO   
Details CU-RIVET 16 Q ESPA 04505   
Details Flexpipe 8,5mm  50 m
Details Flexpipe 6,7mm  2,5 m
Details DC-adaptor til InterfaceA 1,3mm DC-jack   
Details Prog. cable for devireg 850 For Devireg™ 850  


2 Documents found: 1 handbook and 1 instruction

DEVI Installation Accessories
Installation_Accessories_X011605_VGDSA202.pdf (11.0 Mb), Literature number: VGDSA202, Language: English, Release date: 19/04 2013

Cold Tails connection kit
Cold-tail_Kit_instruction_VIDST502_hi-res.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VIDST502, Language: English, Release date: 19/06 2014