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Radiant Heater

Radiant heaters are mounted on the ceiling and provide efficient and instant heat.

The heat from radiant heaters is emitted as soon as the rays his a surface and there are no heatloss on the way. With radiant heaters different zones within the same room can have different temperatures. This way energy can be saved and comfort increased.

Radiant Heater

Technical data

 NameDescriptionOutput WRated voltage

Radiant Heater

Details Elztrip EZ2082 fixed panels800230
Details Elztrip EZ20831 2 fixed panels800400
Details Elztrip EZ2122 fixed panels1200230
Details Elztrip EZ21231 2 fixed panels1200400
Details Elztrip EZ2172 fixed panels1700230
Details Elztrip EZ21731 2 fixed panels1700400
Details Elztrip EZ2222 fixed panels2100230
Details Elztrip EZ22231 2 fixed panels2100400
Details Elztrip EZ3363 fixed panels3600400
Details Elztrip EZ106Mono panel600230
Details Elztrip EZ111Mono panel1050230
Details Elztrip EZ115Mono panel1500230


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