Accessories, Devitemp

Different accessories and spare parts available for the Devitemp products.

Accessories, Devitemp

Technical data

 IP ClassNameDescription

Accessories, Devitemp

Details  Contactor B6-30-10, 400V 
Details  Contactor B6-30-01 
Details  Contactor B6-30-10, 380V 
Details  Contactor Type B, 25-30-10  
Details  Contactor Type B, 25-30-01  
Details  Motor IP44 TP1 400V NV10-20/566 400V/50HZ 10/
Details  Motor IP44 TP1 230V NV10-20/147 230V/50HZ 10/
Details  Fan 230-19]] TP1 A0-230-19  
Details  Fan Devitemp 109  
Details  Fan Devitemp 106  
Details  Motor IP44 TP2 400V N25-40-0/148 400V/50HZ 25
Details  Fan Devitemp 300-19]] TP2 A300-19  
Details  Fan Devitemp for 115, 115T  
Details  Resistance for Devitemp 115 - 121  
Details  5 step switch 5CH/71-A48  
Details  Timer for Devitemp  
Details  Thermo cut-out 125C for Devitemp 103-121  
Details  Thermostat TO GR.F.TP1  
Details  Termostat 3P TR 0-40C 20A/400V STB 110C-8K
Details  Button TP1/TP2 W silverarrow  
Details  Button for Devitemp  
Details  Thermocouple 160]]C Autoreset
Details  EGO Combi 0-40 C/110 Devitemp 303 and 103 3 KW
Details  Devitemp wallmounting Cabin A  
Details  Devitemp wallmounting Cabin B  
Details  Fitting  


3 Documents found: 1 catalogue, 1 handbook and 1 instruction

DEVI Product Catalogue
DEVI Product Catalogue May18 .pdf (8.3 Mb), Literature number: VKLUE102, Language: English, Release date: 07/02 2017

DEVI Installation Accessories
Installation_Accessories_X011605_VGDSA202.pdf (11.0 Mb), Literature number: VGDSA202, Language: English, Release date: 19/04 2013

Cold Tails connection kit
Cold-tail_Kit_instruction_VIDST502_hi-res.pdf (0.3 Mb), Literature number: VIDST502, Language: English, Release date: 19/06 2014