DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade

DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade is used for ice and snow melting on roofs and in gutters and down pipes.

DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade is confectioned with a 5 m cold tail for easy and fast installation.

DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade
• Protects against frost attack on roofs and in gutters and down pipes
• Is flexible and easy to install as it can be cut to length at site and installed directly to the roof and gutter system
• Protects against icicles and icebound roof gutters

DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade

Technical data

 NameWatts per meter
Length of the cableOutput W
Rated Voltage

DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade

Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade18236230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade18472230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade186108230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade188144230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade1810180230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade1815270230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade1823414230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade1830540230Semi-conductive self-limiting
Details DEVIiceguard™ 18 Readymade1850900230Semi-conductive self-limiting


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