DEVImat™ DSVF-90

DEVImat™ DSVF-90 is a single conductor heating mat for installation under artificial
It is specially designed and configured for installation under artificial grass fields with the
purpose of establishing frost protection. Though it is small, the sturdy heating element
resists the continuous stress from players and vehicles.
DEVImat™ DSVF-90 is tested for artificial grass with topdressing ”Infillpro Geo” from
Limonta Sport, Italy. If any other artificial grass type/producer is expected, please contact
DEVI/Danfoss for testing underlay and top layer, including the specified top dressing,
before the solution could be accepted.

DEVImat™ DSVF-90

Technical data

 NameWatts per m²
Length of the mat
Output W
Rated Voltage
Cable construction

DEVImat™ DSVF-90

Details  9070,53245 Single conductor, round with screen, two cold leads


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