DEVIflex™ 30T (DTIP)

DEVIflex™ is a fully screened twin conductor cable with a tough red PVC outer sheath, to install in a wide range of floor constructions and pipe tracing systems.

Easy to install
Flexible cable
Safe and robust
Long life-time
DEVIwarranty™ 20 years

Standard Compliance:
IEC 60800:2009

Application areas:
Hardening of Concrete constructions

DEVIflex™ 30T (DTIP)

Technical data

 NameWatts per meter
Length of the cableOutput W
Rated Voltage

DEVIflex™ 30T (DTIP)

Details DEVIflex™ 30T3045m1405230Round, twin conductor with screen
Details DEVIflex™ 30T3090m2800230Round, twin conductor with screen


DEVI Product Catalogue
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DEVI Product Catalogue
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The 20 Year Extended DEVIWarranty™
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Data sheet
DEVIflex™ 30T (DTIP)
DS - DEVIflex 30T_VDHQT302.pdf (0.9 Mb), Literature number: VDHQT302, Language: English, Release date: 27/02 2018

DEVI heating cables
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Indoor Heating Applications
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DEVIflex - The original heating cable just got better
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DEVIflex replaces DTIP
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Installation video - Heating cables, Part 1
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Installation video - Heating cables, Part 2
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New product names - conversion table
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